Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I.F. Day Two

I didn't sleep very well last night. I remember waking up a couple of times and just laying there, trying to put myself back to sleep. This morning though, I woke up feeling pretty swell. I expected some sort of bizarre hangover-like symptoms from eating so close to bed time, or a headache from waking up so often, but nope! I felt good.

Today, my eating began at 7:30 a.m. I had chocolate pancakes (GF + V, of course) and a green tea latte from Starbucks. Before I fell asleep last night, I made a note to myself to remember to make chocolate pancakes for breakfast. Well, mission accomplished, but they weren't up to par. I blame the flour. I really need to find (make) a flour that tastes less like beans a lot more like yum. I also asked Coco yesterday if she would accompany me to Starbucks this morning before History because it sounded good at the time. I wasn't craving anything from there, per se, I just really got snuggly with the idea of having a hot cuppa something as I sat next to her in History class on this lovely Wednesday morning.



Not only do I hardly ever eat pancakes for breakfast as they don't keep me full long enough, I also hardly ever order lattes from Starbucks because of the fact that they have nearly as many grams of sugar in them as my parents' age! Of course, some higher (and purely evil) power thought it'd be a great idea for me to knock back both rarities out in one shot. 11:00 rolled around and BAM. Sugar crash of the century. Jitters, weakness, and an uncontrollable desire to eat tofu consumed me (pun not intended) during the last stretch of our History class. As soon as I could, I booked it to my car and scarfed down my tofu and quinoa...although to onlookers, I was probably eating as slow and leisurely as a turtle in the hot summer sun. For some reason, a half hour after eating that, I was hungry again! So I ate the cannellini beans with more quinoa and zucchini  that I had packed to eat at 3. Nope, it was devoured by 2. Then disappeared the spinach salad and mushrooms and almonds down the hatch. 2:45 rolled around and I was hungry yet again! So I took a short walk to the snack store on campus and discovered absolutely no options that did not contain gluten or dairy other than these:
"Dirty" is quite the appropriate word to describe this greaseball of a "snack."
Literally, this was the only item that I could have eaten. Well, that's a lie; there were also Naked juices, but I wasn't about to dish out five bucks for yet another sugar crash. No flippin' thank you. 

Anywho, upon my first bite into the chips, I was greeted with a wonderful crunch and crisp that is undeniably inviting, but after the initial crunch came a flood of awkward-tasting oil into my mouth. TMI time: I had to spit them out into the nearest receptacle. I gave the chips a second chance, and the second chip was definitely less greasy than the previous, however, the 3rd chip was just as nast. Sure, these chips were salty and crunchity and crispity, but my heck to the goodness, I will not be paying this company another dollar for two grease-produced pimples (that's right, TWO on the [face] cheeks within 30 minutes of consumption) and a stomach ache to follow.

At least I stopped being hungry once I finished the chips at around 3:20ish. Surprisingly, this lack of hunger has been effortless. I naturally drink a lot of water, so that's all I've been having since then. It's now 8:51 and I don't even want food! This is my prime time to raid pinterest and try out new dessert recipes right before bed and I don't even care to do that! What is haaaappppeeeennnniiiinnnnnggggg?!!!! I'm not quite sure, but I have a whole lot of mental clarity right now and I'm not complaining. :) 

Time to figure out what to do with my life (obvz homework is not happening right now...let's not kid ourselves) since I've watched practically every food/health documentary on Netflix. 

Love, peace, and dirty potato chip grease,


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