Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Potato Black Bean Babies

Happy Oscar Sunday!
Today I slept in! Well, I slept until 7 a.m., decided to be lazy, and stayed in bed until about 9. I spent a few hours working on my painting and am almost finished! Woooo. It's due tomorrow so hopefully my "master" of a teacher isn't too harsh with his critique. I can't decide whether or not I'm happy with it, so I'll just say I'm pretty mehhh towards it. The beach chair could use a LOT of work, but I'm having so much trouble with it that I know I'll end up destroying it if I try to fix it. In case you're wondering, here's where it is now:
aaaaanyway, onto a more delicious note.
Seeing as today is the perfect day for a from-scratch lunch, I decided upon veggie burgers. I found a recipe here, but never really follow recipes, so I made a highly-altered tiny batch just for myself. It could have been vegan had I not opted for the perfectly pillowy sweet Hawaiian roll, but I couldn't help myself--they're perfect!
I used canned black beans instead, Frank's Red Hot, wheat flour, onion powder (I don't like chunks of onion), pepitas instead of sunflower seeds, and unfortunately I didn't have coriander or cayenne. Boo. Regardless of the lack of those spices, the flavors were delicious! I baked the patties {375F} on a well-oiled cookie sheet for about 12 minutes on each side, then broiled them for about 3 minutes each side until they got crispy. My little batch produced two mini patties or one fairly large one. BUT! I didn't measure anything! I just threw everything in a bowl and crossed my fingers. Sorry. :(


Used Mama's paper towel baggie method for steaming the skins off of  blackened bell peppers :)

Nice and messy. That's the burger mixture + wheat flour + chopped pepitas.

Divine Hawaiian bread, hummus, and a roasted pepper.

Toooooooooo tall!

*Smash* better :)

30 minutes til the Oscars!!!! 


  1. What a gorgeous painting!! I'm drooling over those Hawaiian rolls..yummm

    1. Thank you so much!!! aren't hawaiian rolls perfect?! mmmm :D

  2. This sandwich looks totally amazing - fantastic flavors! Love the roasted red pepper along with the sweet potato, yum! :)