Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama's day coffee cake!

In the midst of finals weekend, I knew I HAD to make something special for my mama. In addition to it being HER day, tomorrow is also the day of my photo final and I have finally broken down and given in to making treats for my food-loving classmates. Last class, there seemed to have been a few tears shed over the fact that I presented my photo book but didn't have any goods to support it. Apparently I'll get an A+ if I show up with something good, cake it is!!

I'll bulk up this post with more photos and a link to the recipe I used after finals, but for now, here's the *skillfully-done* presentation I made for my mama:
Oh goodness, CLEARLY, my art major is getting me places. -__-
(I totally gave her more than just two pieces!)

Now I get to see her :D Happy mama's day!

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