Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quinoa smoothie??

Recently, I've been obsessed with breakfast smoothies. I've purposely been laying in bed in the mornings for extended periods of time just so that I won't have enough time to cook breakfast. Strategic, no?
Anyhow, here's my smoothie from this morning in my recycled frap cup:
And here's what I put in it:
- frozen banana
- frozen spinach
- pasteurized liquid egg whites
- vanilla extract
- cinnamon
- soy plain yogurt
- honey
- cooked quinoa

According to my food tracker thingy, this baby packed a powerful 25 grams of protein! I couldn't finish it in one sitting, so I saved the second half for lunch. :) I'm a huge fan of certain textures, so biting into quinoa grains makes me a happy happy smoothie addict.

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