Friday, May 25, 2012

Our get-well project

In honor of our cat-crazed friend who recently underwent surgery, Cokes and I made an arrangement of cakeless cake pops. Cakeless, you say? Yup! Katie (friend) has some serious willpower of iron and refuses to touch sweets. Originally, we were going to make red velvet cake pops, but that would mean our display would only last a short while and end up rotting (since she wouldn't eat em!). SoOoo, we agreed upon fondant, or fawnDAHHNT as Coco calls it. We made Katie, Chico, Bones, Little, and Sammygirl, and that ceramic cat represents us. I also wanted to use real grass, but considering fondant never dies and turns brown, I thought I'd make some grass and flowers. The whiskers are from one of my old paintbrushes, and the bow is from an old shirt of Coco's. Here it is!:

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