Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spanish tortilla, sesame noodles, and a snack

Okay, so I realize this meal might not "match" per say...but I'm a poor college kid who's gotta use up what I have! This morning's breakfast was a Spanish tortilla, which is basically a frittata/omelet-type thing with some thinly-sliced potatoes and onions. I could have added herbs and different veggies, but I settled on simple flavors. So happy with that decision. I fried the onions and potatoes until they were soft, added some Lawry's and onion powder, then dumped em into a bowl with an egg and some egg whites already whisked. I then oiled a tiny saucepan, poured the egg mixture into it, and cooked it on low for about 20 minutes until the center of the eggs set. Easy peasy lemon squeasy.
My tortilla was accompanied by some kale, which I steamed and quickly cooked with some sliced apple and balsamic vinegar. View:

This breakfast was quite filling and lasted me hours during which I read "Love the One You're With" by Emily Giffin. Total chick novel, totally love it. :)

During snack time, I had my new favorite!
I think it's safe to say tahini is more of an acquired taste, kinda like sushi. It's odd and bitter at first, but I got used to it very quickly.

And for lunch, another new favorite joined the party--sesame oil! Seriously, this stuff is so good I could douse it on anything and call it a feast! I use Trader Joe's toasted sesame oil. I served it on cold cooked rice noodles, dry fried tofu, and veggies and boy oh boy was it stellar.
If you're not a garlic fiend, I'd suggest reducing the amount. It's also lovely if you omit it completely, but my taste buds prefer it with! Garlic powder can be used in place of whole cloves as well. I've been eating this sauce every day this week! Last night I had it over tofu, rice, and veggies, and I added in some curry powder and it was just delightful!

As for dinner...I totally did not have a Reese's no, not me...

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