Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obesity Feastity

Today my co-workers (I think it's safe to call them my friends now :P ) and I finally experienced what we had been planning for weeks. Jasmine coined it as "Obesity Feastity," and it was a day during which we all crammed into a kitchen for the sake of making and enjoying amazing food together. Taylor's dish was spinach ravioli with roasted veggies, Stephanie's was tomato bisque & Peruvian rice soup  with lemon blueberry cupcakes, Jasmine's was beignets and an assortment of crackers and beverages, and mine was pesto pizza swirly buns.
farmer's market hummus, tabbouli, and pita!


rollin dat dough

Jazzy's friend's baked brie with apples, cinnamon, and raisins

coverin dat dough with spinach, pesto, romano, asiago, and parmesan! 

Taylor Tinkletoes' ravioli and roasted veggies

cinnamon roll style pesto pizzas pre-oved


crispy edges, crispy cheese...BAM.

beignets in progress

terrible picture but mmmmm dish

oh yeah you cut that dough Jasmine Jellypants

No more counter space? Bingo! The floor's a flat space, too.

heck yaaaaaa 

Ms. Cafe Du Monde herself

perfectly moist lemon cupcakes
exhausted from all of today's traveling and food preparation and eating and uuughhhh 9:43 p.m., christygee OUT.

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