Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grilled cheese with apples, brie, and onions

Mama bought me some Bob's Gluten Free Bread Mix, so as soon as I arrived home for summer today, I busted open the package and began making it. It was pretty bizarre because the dough was more the consistency of batter. I followed the directions using olive oil and almondmilk instead of melted butter and cow juice. Instead of using a bread maker or large loaf pan, I used the Kitchen Aid and 3 mini loaf tins. Here are ma photos!

Three baby loaves rising atop a warm oven.



Baked baked baked!

How'd it taste? was good, but definitely nothing like a fresh loaf of regular bread. There was a certain aftertaste I couldn't quite pinpoint, but for a carb lover like me, it got the job done.

My roommate left some brie cheese in our fridge, so I brought it to L.A. with me and made a fun grilled cheese with my fresh bread:
I cooked some chopped onions in a spray of Pam olive oil until they were golden. I then added water, reduced it until it evaporated, added more water, reduced it, and repeated this until they were softened to my liking. I then added a tiny splash of apple cider vinegar, honey, and cinnamon.
 I then took 2 slices of bread, sprayed em with the EVOO Pam on the outsides, then put a schmear of brie, the onions, crushed walnuts, and crisp gala apple slices on the insides.
 It got pretty messy, but I managed to get it all back together.

 Brie is my new go-to for grilled cheeses as it melts to absolute perfection.
 Oops...moved the bread around too much so my grill marks are dizzy!
Dizziness aside, still scrumptious :)

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